Giant Microbe - Shingles Herpes

Giant Microbe - Shingles Herpes


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Shingles (Herpes Zoster)

Shingles is a skin rash that results when Chicken Pox strikes back. But don’t be afraid -- learn what causes the outbreaks, and how to take the appropriate precautions.

Shingles plush doll is based on Herpes zoster.

FACTS: Shingles, aka Herpes zoster, is a blistery skin rash which typically manifests itself as stripes or splotches on the face or wrapped around on one side of the body. The name shingles is a corruption of the Latin word cingulum, or girdle, after its characteristic appearance.

Chickenpox is the primary handiwork of the Herpes zoster virus. But after the virus has been routed, it remains dormant in the nerve cell bodies, or satellite cells. Years or even decades later it can activate and spread along a specific nerve pathway, affecting all the areas governed by that spinal nerve.