Chalk (Coloured) - Crayola - 12 Pieces

Chalk (Coloured) - Crayola - 12 Pieces


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Crayola Coloured Chalk offers strong, durable sticks with reduced breakage. Crayola Coloured Chalk can be used on construction paper, cardboard boxes and paper bags to create games, puppets, masks and much more. These chalk sticks have a smooth texture that glides beautifully over blackboard surfaces. Kids can choose from six vibrant Crayola Chalk colours to draw on chalkboards and various paper surfaces. The bright colours show up particularly well on dark and coloured surfaces.

  • Includes 12 sticks of chalk in an assortment of colours
  • Strong, consistent formula resists breaking, scratching or skipping
  • Can be used on traditional chalkboards, construction paper, cardboard, paper bags and kraft paper
  • Bright colours show up brilliantly on dark and coloured surfaces