Prankster Magic by Klutz

Prankster Magic by Klutz


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Tricks, pranks, and sleight-of-hand that will make any kid magician a star!

There’s a reason Klutz's magic books have sold like, well, magic, with more than 3.5 million books in print. We think it’s because the pure joy of wowing a roomful of onlookers with a some deft old-school magic is still the greatest thrill around for a kid (and, ahem, some adults).

That’s why we’ve created Prankster Magic, a fool-your-friends book of tricks that combines all-new material with the best from out-of-print books such as Coin Magic, No-Practice Magic, and Card Trickery. Written in the notorious Klutz Immaturity voice, the book includes sections on coin tricks, card tricks, and — how did you know?! — mind reading. These are easy pranks and quick tricks — no hokey hocus-pocus, no need to borrow someone’s rabbit — just the sweet spot between mischief and amazement!

Prankster Magic includes items every magician should have in their bag of tricks: 3 laminated really-fake IDs, labels to make over your groceries, and pink, panic-inducing phony gum.

Comes with: 48-page book of instructions, labels to make over your groceries, 3 laminated really-fake IDs, and pink, panic-inducing phony gum.

Ages 8 & Up