Hello from Here

Hello from Here


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Help show the little ones in your life that distance and separation can't stop you from sharing a special hello with those you love.

It's difficult to be separated from those you love, and sometimes it's hard to feel connected when you can't be together in person.

This board book helps fill the need to connect with a simple message: I'm still here, even though I'm not right there beside you. A series of scenarios depicts a narrator employing various forms of communication--from video calls and letters to tin-can telephones and skywriting--to say a simple "hello" to someone far away.

Exploring the idea of connecting over distance, whether it's through a pane of glass or across a continent, this book delivers its earnest message in a lighthearted way, engaging children's imaginations in thinking of delightful new ways to say "hello." The book will remind them that they are loved by those they can't always see. Instead of emphasizing what we can't do when we're apart, this book takes a positive view and makes a game out of finding new ways we can communicate.

Reassuring and imaginative, this board book fills a growing need to reach out and connect with one another.